16 November 2018

HP sets its eyes on 3D printer business

PC and printer manufacturer HP has set its eyes on 3D printing business, relatively a new area for the company. Sumeer Chandra, Managing Director of HP India, says 3D printing is evolving -- from just a prototype making to printing of actual parts that can go into real machines.

“What 3D printing does is it removes the barriers on design. Earlier, design was constrained because of manufacturing. You could only produce parts in a certain fashion. You could not do any complicated design. 3D printing allows you to produce a complicated part,” Sumeer Chandra told BusinessLine.

"You remove weight, reduce material consumption. You reduce transportation costs, you reduce storage costs and you avoid wastages. Why, you can print spare parts on demand," he said.

He pegs the global market size for 3D at $18 billion, which will include the services. The company is in talks with about 200 companies, educational institutions and government institutions to sell the 3D printers.

"In fact, we do it ourselves. Almost 50 per cent of the plastic parts that are in our 3D printer are produced by 3D printers," he claimed.

“What HP is trying to do really is transform manufacturing with 3D printing. We are doing that by bringing 3D printing technology that is more mainstream and is more geared towards mainstream production," he said.

The firm will establish a 3D printing unit at the Andhra Pradesh Medtech Zone to support the companies in the zone. "It will do 3D conceptuarisation, design, scanning and printing. It will provide end-to-end services to medical technology companies in the zone," he said.